Research & Publication

Research is geared to:

  • Identifying various emerging social trends and processes, and bring to light realities of the lives of the people;
  • Critically contribute to the search for alternatives;
  • Consultations are designed to facilitate free exchange of ideas amongst activists, and between activists and social thinkers, and amongst social thinkers themselves; Publishing the research findings and setting up a documentation so that a data-base geared for supportive action may be built up;
  • Provide analytical and other related skills to activists in order to help them understand socio-political realities, and to motivate them towards action for development and social transformation;
  • Media Advocacy to sensitise the public on issues that the mainstream media fails to consider or address;
  • Animating Community Action in collaboration with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, through education, health care and other social services;
  • Conducting campaigns and promoting advocacy on livelihood struggles of the marginalised peoples, to promote and strengthen civil society organisations in building solidarity-action networks;
  • Campaigning for Human Rights, particularly the vulnerable sections like Dalits, children and women. rights of the marginalized sections, through publication of handbills, booklets and books based on documented sources.


The research studies of XISR have been brought out in published form for the benefit of the public. Four categories of research publications are available.

  1. Bihar Subaltern Study Series
    Under this series effort if made to study and publish a monogrtaph on each of the marginalized communities in Bihar on whom practically nothing has been studied or published earlier. The aim of this project is to unfathom the history and life of these communities and to help them assert their identities. It is envisaged that greater knowledge about their past and present situation may enable the civil society and those in administration to work for their development. The series has now seven publications.

Click here to see the list of Bihar Subaltern Study Series Publications

  1. XISR-Documentary Study Series on Human Rights in Bihar

Human Rights Documentary Study with special focus on Bihar began in 2003. Three themes covered under this Series are Dalits, Women and Children. Reports on these themes, published in Hindi and English Newspapers published from Patna, were perused, identified, and documented separately for English and Hindi languages. The reports were then arranged thematically, studied and analyzed with a view to publishing a series under Human Rights Documentary Study Series in Bihar.

Click here to see XISR Bihar Human Rights Series Publications

  1. XISR- Arrupe Memorial Lecture Series Begun in 2001, this annual lecture series named Arrupe Memorial Lecture, is aimed at enlightening an informed audience of Patna through lecture and discussion, on some of the issues related to Bihar and society. The lecture is aptly named to honour Pedro Arrupe, the institute’s inspiring heavenly patron. Click here to see the XISR Arrupe Lecture Series Publications
  2. XISR-Seminar Publications

XISR has brought out four books based on the seminars it conducted.

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