Research & Publication

XISR undertakes action oriented research studies focusing on the issues of the marginalized communities. These are also published for wider dissemination. XISR also undertakes research studies commissioned by other agencies and the government. Even doctoral thesis are published in book form. The following are some of the efforts made:

  1. Education, Employment and Empowerment Series: Realising the historical fact that the marginalised communities are denied opportunity for quality and affordable education, gainful employment and empowerment efforts are made to undertake studies on these areas.
  2. Labour and Migration Series: Since people of Bihar suffer due to lack of employment and alternative livelihood than agriculture, many of them migrant to eke out a living. Studies are undertake on labour and migration to identify the cause and response to these issues.
  3. Working Papers: Working papers are pre-publication versions of academic or policy articles, book chapters, or review. These are in progress, with preliminary findings based on which future researchers will be undertaken. XISR is bringing out one Working Paper in a month and these are also translated in Hindi.
  4. Bihar Subaltern Study Series: Under this series effort is made to study and publish a monograph each on the marginalized communities in Bihar on whom not much has been studied or published
  5. Arrupe Memorial Lecture Series: This annual lecture series is aimed at initiating a discourse on some of the issues related to Bihar’s society, economy, polity and culture.
  6. Human Rights Series: Studies focused on the human rights issues of Dalits, Tribals, minorities and backward castes are undertaken and published.
  7. Entitlement Series: These are books and booklets which bring out the entitlements of the government for the marginalized communities and for all citizens. These are used for awareness creation, empowerment, networking and advocacy.
  8. Assessment and Evaluation Studies: XISR also undertakes assessment and evaluation studies for various organisations