Street Play Show for Communal Harmony, April 2018

On behalf of the Province Inter-religious Dialogue Commission, Jose Kalapura, the coordinator organized ten nukkad (street play) shows, April 9-12, 2018, in five big schools in Patna to promote communal harmony. This educative and entertaining play, ek saadhe, sab sadhe (one controlled, all can be controlled), written and directed by cultural activist Hasan Imam, was staged by six members of his cultural troupe called Prerana-People’s Cultural Front. Besides the 20-minute show, was a short introduction by Jose Kalapura on the theme sarva dharma sambhava (equal respect of all religions) given by Mahatma Gandhi. The student audience took pledge to uphold the religious diversity and harmony of India, to celebrate the festivals of different religions, to respect each other’s religion in order to build a strong India. This third round of street play program covered some 5000 high school students of St. Paul’s High School, Carmel High School, Don Bosco School, St. Karen’s High School, etc.