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a) Director: Dr. Prakash Louis

b) Governance: (Director, Rector, Treasurer, Administrator)

c) Staff: Research and Office Staff, Interns.

  • Deepak Kumar (Office Assistant)
  • Ashok Kumar (Assistant Librarian)
  • Geeta Kumari (Office Assistant)

Thematic arrangement and Computerisation

 Mahesh Sarita Study Centre: Within XISR, Mahesh Sarita Study Centre has been set up to remember the contribution of these two great social engineers who experimented social transformation in Shabdo village, Fatehpur Block of Gaya District. They with the cooperation of around 10 villages initiated collective forming, fishing, irrigation, livelihood, education, etc. But those who were threatened by this experiment killed these two in January, 2004. Research studies on social transformation in Bihar are underway in this small centre of XISR.